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Your dock is an investment - extend the life of your dock with regular maintenance and pressure washing.  Contact us today!
Mid-Season Height Adjustment  •  The weather in Maine is unpredictable. A mid-season adjustment to the height of your stationary dock sections can make all the difference!
Pressure Washing & Sealing  •  Bring that dingy old dock back to life.  Remove surface dirt, mold & algae and extend the life of your dock.
New System Design & Installation  •  Shopping for your 1st dock or looking to replace your existing dock?  We do more than just service your dock, we can also help you design a new dock system, reconfigure your existing system or expand your existing system with additional dock sections & accessories.
Accessories to improve your docks performance  •  Do you kayak? How about a boarding step to make getting in and out of your kayak dock-side more comfortable?  Keep those kayaks out of the water and off the ground when not in use - kayak carriers attach to your existing dock pipe.  Is your dog like ours - endless jumps off the dock or swim float?  A dog ladder can make getting back up on the dock a whole lot easier for your favorite pooch.